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wildlife webcams

animals, especially Wildlife, hold a place in my soul that is indescribable. I can spend hours watching and studying wildlife. Here you will find my links to wildlife webcams, Facebook pages, and postings of my own. Remember, these animals are in the wild - researchers and webcams capture the events and pictures- the animals captivate us.


Webcam & websites to visit:

Wildearth - click on the webcams to see wildlife live from all around the world- 

Explore - not only are there a lot of wildlife cams, but you will find kitten, bees, and service dog cams too. poke around the site, they have a wonderful blog that is fun and educational. and...what's cool about this site, is there is a little camera on the side of the viewing screen for you to take a snap shot.
Explore Facebook
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Decorah Eagles

Decorah Eagle Cam link
Decorah Eagle Facebook-(RaptorResource) news and updates

10-14-14 Bob turned the Decorah Eagle Cam back on October 13, 2014. As of this posting, we are focused on N2. It appears that Mom and Dad have been bringing some material into the nest. 
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Decorah Eagle Watch 2014- this was one of the most exciting years to watch these two eagles of Decorah Iowa. Not only is it Mom's 23rd year of nesting, but nature tested her and Dad to the limits with tons of rain, freezing weather, many nights with snow piled so high you could hardly see Mom in the nest. One long-long day and night Mom sat the nest for 19 hours straight without moving, not even when Dad tried to insist. She knew that if she moved even for a second those egg would freeze instantly. Three chicks were hatched from the dedication and diligence of both parents- they were miracle chicks and cute as the dickens growing up. Here are the links to my postings with pictures, as well don't forget to visit the main sites.

Decorah Eagles WebCam 

Video highlights of the 2014 nest-

Raptor Resource Home Page

Raptor Resource Facebook

links to my posts and lots of pictures:

I stopped posting after the "ddd's" but on the Raptor Resource Project Facebook page you can get a ton of stories from Sherri Elliot, which are just as fun reading as watching our little guys growing up. Remember to check their FacebookPage often for stories and "video clips" of fun moments and of course don't forget the main attraction live at... the  Decorah webcam. And...hang on, nest cam 2015 is coming soon.

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 here is the link to  my "wildlife webcams of the past" page featuring exciting pictures and stories from webcams dating 2010 to 2012 - (sorry no cam watch in 2013 Decorah Eagles moved their nest away from the cams, the bears of North Americal Bear Center had legal issues, and my focus was on SaraBear-no cam)

webcams of 2010 - 2012

 -Decorah Eagles- Lily the Black Bear and her family-  Jewel of the NorthwoodsSiku-the polar bear cub- Falcons at Pittsburgh University-HornbyIslandEagles

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