Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body,
but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out & proclaiming “Wow, What a Ride!”

in the garden

fairies who live in our california garden tend it with magical love. recently the National Wildlife Federation certified it as a “wildlife habitat & bird sanctuary.” we call it the HollowOak garden. sections that represent different nature environments have been created for all creatures who wish to inhabit and thrive in our garden.


so far everything is surviving this hot 2013 summer

this year we have lots and lots of baby lizards, someone found a beau

if you look closely above and to the left of the mantis... you'll see his skin shell he just slipped off. picture on the right is a baby mantis found hiding in my flowers- welcome little one

this little guy was upset because he wanted to eat his seed...and i was trying to photograph him.
can't you just see his irritation?
the first time in 16 years our Schwarzkopt plant has bloomed
photo taken by Steve with his cell phone
Black Tree Aeonium
just hanging around in margeaux's garden 


the story of "O"
"O" is an orb spider that has lived in my lemon tree for over 4 weeks now. His web spreads over 5 feet in diameter, and as with most orb spiders he gathers and cleans his web every morning (leaving only the three base lines) before retiring to his daytime sleeping spot. Then, towards the evening you can see "O" out and about rebuilding. I had to trim my trees last week and the tree-trimmer was very careful not to harm or disturb "O"'s sleeping nest. After they were through I could see "O" safely tucked away. However, he disappeared and I became worried. Four days later I come out for my morning check on the garden and there he is as beautiful and grand as a spider came be. (having a rather huge munch)

"O" tucked away safely in his house in the lemon tree.

panoramic of my side yard to the front doorway (playing with new camera)

i am sure these mushrooms hold some secrets
this has been one busy little spider...
colorado wildflowers growing in my meadow at the ranch~ nature's garden

stage three
stage two....
hum, what kind of eggs are these in my garden- butterfly? stay truned

a spider's web in my garden, it was at least 2 1/2 feet across, he lived there for 3 weeks
this is a crane that  was hunting in my neighbor's yard. He just finished eating a huge lizard.
peeking over the nest
found two 2week old dove chicks while working in my yard
shhhhh...fairies sleeping....
a critter's eye view of the mushrooms in my back lawn