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Monday, March 13, 2017

Wintering in Aspen Willow ~ Time Changes & Spring To-Dos

The best sign that Spring is nearing for me is the annual "Turning of Clocks" forward one hour. 

Yea for me, that means that I now wake up at 5:00am instead of 4:00am. Nice, and when the “girls” allow (they get hungry; well, Samantha, gets hungry and stirs up Gypsy to make me then get up) I will be able to sleep until maybe 6:00am. woohoo!

My internet is such that I get a lot of megabyte-time between 2:00-8:00 am and not so good, 10% that amount, for the rest of the time, per month. So, I spend most of my time in the early mornings and just pop on and off if needed the rest of the day. It’s ok, at least I get internet connection. Up until last fall we only had 3G on our phone or iPad and THEN you really could only get a signal while standing in the far southwest corner of the BARN, in the stall, LOL.

I’ll take the 2am internet at the MC- it is warmer and has coffee available. hehe.

Last week however, boy did I use up those anytime minutes with the arrival of Lady MacB and Eleanor djiP4. I miscalculated how long it would take to download msOffice for MAC and buzzed right through LotsOfMinutes to AnytimeMinutes and had to purchase some more; they weren’t expensive but all the same, if I had paid attention, I would have been fine. Lesson learned.

opps, off in a tangent- we were talking about the arrival of Spring –
With this wondrous arrival of warmer air, longer days, colors and scents of waking Nature....My To-Do List went from 14 to-dos to 33 items – sad, but true.

Some will be fun things, some not so fun to do. It all starts with the ‘opening of the big house’ – remember I have been living in the smaller cabin (which will be my studio) and the big house has been sitting semi-idle for the last seven years.  yes, 7 years. This is my main concern- what still works and what does not. Do I repair or, do I pay to have someone repair?  Is it in budget? etc, etc, etc...

I know I am making a big deal of this. I do have that tendency to ‘thespianize’ things sometimes. Remember the “big deal” I made about having to plow my driveway with Rover and then only to find how much fun it really was.

OK, I hope bringing up the house will be like that, and remember last week’s post- my incentive to get it all done....
 the TUB

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