Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body,
but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out & proclaiming “Wow, What a Ride!”

Monday, March 6, 2017

Wintering in Aspen Willow ~ bathtubs

good morning Strolling Through Reality readers and friends. Last week was a good week. Sorry about the flimsy posting for last monday- was in kind of a funk but, woohoo, i’m back.

a couple people have asked about my meals, being out here, alone, in solitude. (I smile) Yes, I have an eating schedule and menu plans just as if everything was ‘as usual’ well, maybe eat a little better- quantity wise, I seem to eat more when with Steve, but we both are eating about the same as before my adventure out here in Colorado.

my plan: weekends I cook homemade from scratch; and during the week, I either eat left-overs from the weekend’s meal, or, I have a frozen fare from Lean Cuisine and others. Sometimes if I think that the vegetable isn’t enough I’ll cook extra of those, but mostly make it as simple but healthy as possible. Remember I am a cardiac patient as well as a diabetic- you have got to take things seriously when you are living in ‘solitude’ and help is not near.

It is getting warmer and my time of ‘super busy’ is nearing very quickly. It is already March and getting warmer—although our usual snowiest month is April- I can do a lot of prep-work getting the House ready to bring up from its long sleep in May or June. And then it begins, I will be busy but it will be worth it because at the end of all that work rests a BATHTUB; a bathtub that I look longingly at daily, and dream of sinking down in its warm delights. I love baths.

There I said it- Hello my name is Margeaux and I so very much love taking baths!

The tub in the MC isn’t very big and it really is too cold to bathe half in and half out. Something is going to freeze- ha! So, I take showers and only then maybe twice a week on the warmest days I can find. Ok, so, yes, the C word again- cold.

Back to the Bath.... I dream of my first tub full of warm water with soothing surprises. I have saved some of the bath-treats my friend, Liz, made for me; I have saved it for this special bath- my first here in Colorado.

Samantha is enjoying the sunshine....but her little mind is wondering just when her ‘toys’ will emerge from all the places she and Gypsy have found recently. 

Gypsy is growing up and goes in next week for her “womanly alterations.” Have a little apprehension about having to keep her contained and quiet, but we’ll work it out.  

 Jake in California, he is giving Steve a really hard time, that stinker; and Steve says this is when Jake is at his best....sleeping ~hehe~ Although both of us agree that this has been a great thing for him to have Jake with him.

I think in the beginning of all this we wondered if I would get lonely, miss having people around. No, haven’t missed that.

But Yes, I have missed and been lonely for Steve. I am happy with that and dream of when we are all here and starting our perhaps last and best Most Excellent Adventure together, once again. 

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