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Thursday, March 9, 2017

thursday's crafting ~ making new collars

this week is talking about new collars for Gypsy. She is turning into a beautiful pup and as most know I gave her the name Gypsy Ladybug and she needs a collar fitting her title.

one thing I have learned with all my furiends, is that if you really need to have to separate types of behaviors Ie: going into public or just hanging around the house... then an easy way to train them for each of those is have a specific collar for that purpose. So, when that collar is on they know the rules of the moment, and if those rules differ or are contradictory, no problem- "this is how I behave now."

with that in mind.... here are Gypsy's new and improved collars~ (ps~ my sewing machine, a Janome, handled these perfectly, was concerned about the thickness and material...but no problem. used a Jean/Leather needle and went very slow)

this Ladybug collar I found at Ace Hardware in Anaheim Hills CA. before Gypsy even came home with me. They had three sizes, sm, med, large. (as well as leashes, which I wasn't interested in) They were standard collars with heavy parachute clips. I purchased a med and large, she was able to wear the med, unaltered, for a while- it is her CAR/LEASH collar. Now, she needs the larger one. I also prefer for a main travel out and about collar to have a small portion with an choke chain so you can keep the collar loose, but when you need a little more control, tightens just enough to prevent collar from slipping off. This style works great- and is not dangerous or harmful as the standard full chain collars can be. 

SO, with that in mind: I bought a cheap small chain collar for the chain, and then I took apart the other collar. removing the heavy parachute clip and put the chain d-rings in their place. Next, glued then sewed the chain to the collar making it perfect!
She knows a car trip is in the plans when this collar come out; also knows that 'strict leash walking' behavior is the main rule. 

Now I present her "CallHer." her everyday, out and around the ranch, she's free to do her thing collar-
I love this adorable purple collar; she has had it since day one and a very small puppy....hum, that wasn't long ago-ha. I just love it and could not find a larger version, so I decided to take two small collars and sew them into one adjustable so she can continue to grow as she is still destined to do. 

Why do we call it her "CallHer?" see that little white 'thingie' on the upper left- that is a Radio Tracking device- It works great. I have a receiver and if I need to find her I just set it off, it signals me where she is...and it "beeps" her as well, so when she hears that beep she has learned I am looking for her and comes....yes, she does ! comes as fast as her little feet can bring her to wherever I am at the moment.  p.s.~ why isn't there a chain on this one? different rules and different control. :)

Samantha has one too! Both of their collars come off when they are in for the night. While outside rule number TWO: you must have on your 'callher' collar. Rule number ONE... stay close to the house.

U..U & ^..^

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