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but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out & proclaiming “Wow, What a Ride!”

Monday, February 13, 2017

Wintering in Aspen Willow ~ nature's balance

Last week was beautiful, warm, sunny, and totally free of snow.

Last Monday,  if your recall, I was in the middle of a battle with the Ice Drive Daemon.

I won! End of story.

Well, ok, did have some help – Marvin with Gunny’s Plowing; and Nature, with it feeling a bit summery, melting most.

The not so best part of last week was a small problem (for those not connected to my Facebook,) Steve bought a Phantom Drone for me- but it had some issues so I sent it back and will await another. It’s just a bummer to have to wait for a new one. Nevertheless, this IS going to be something fun. I will need to take the time and learn it then I can buzz all over this ranch and peek at the wildlife. We’ll see.

The best part of last week was Friday. Friday showed me that I was beginning to “get my groove” on the patterns of Aspen Willow’s Nature.

 It promised to be warm, sunny, and beautiful day.

However, to achieve those three things at one time, Nature charges a price- wind.

There is a Balance- I hear the phrase, but never really put much attention on it until I arrived here and had to learn about keeping Nature in Balance. And, I have learned that Nature rewards you as well, for making sure the Balance is kept.

And how did I earn such a reward? First some background info.

Remember the first rule of living with Nature, the Daytime is for humans, and a few Critters. The Nighttime is for the Animals. Very important for me to keep that in mind when going outside with Gypsy at night: are there any animals out and about that we may interrupt or disturb their lives?

Thursday night the does were in the meadow, munching on some grass that had been covered with snow. They were out and it was their time, so Gypsy and I headed back inside. I love the way when they first spot us begin to leave- I holler a “sorry” and as soon as they see me contain G and head to the house...they go back to their treats. They know they are safe here and that makes me feel good.

Now, back to Nature’s  reward = a Thank You.

Since Gypsy didn’t get outside Thursday night, and it was a full moon and warm when we got up, I let Gypsy play a little in the morning moonlight. However, it was very windy. The plan for the day was to get some outside chores done; I wondered if it was too windy. Well, said chores needed to be done before next snow which was predicted for Saturday. No matter how windy... they needed to be done. No sooner did I finish with everything; the wind suddenly stopped dead, not even a tiny breeze.

I grabbed Gypsy, my hiking gear, and dashed out the door. Didn’t know how long this lull was going to last, but I was going to make sure Gypsy got as long of a hike as possible, in case we are cabin bound this weekend. Having too much fun, we were gone for almost two hours. We weren’t back ten minutes and the wind came back in full force! No lie!

The same thing happened on Saturday when we took a long walkies with Samantha.

It was at that moment I realized that Nature sent me a Thank You for keeping the balance and loving her creatures.

Your welcome Nature

   And I thank Life, I could not have wished for a more charmed path or destination.

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