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Monday, February 6, 2017

Wintering in Aspen Willow ~ ICE DRIVE!

Wintering in Aspen Willow....has its beautiful moments and it has its not so fun moments. this past week the weather has been outstanding~ sunny, warm, and so beautiful. I did learn something this week: the last snow we had...that I did not plow... should have been plowed. Now, with the warm days and cold-cold nights I have an "ice drive" LOL

Literally an Ice Drive. More than half of the 1200 feet of drive and the three steepest parts are affected. I bet I could preform an Olympic event here, maybe a tebaggen racing, skate racing, ice sledding...; one thing that isn't happening is driving UP said driveway. I think going down will be interesting but achievable.

My goal and challenges this week here at Aspen Willow is to concur the Ice Drive. I am settled in and do not really need to go out into the world for a while, but I do have a UPS delivery coming on wednesday. I may need to hike a box at the bottom of the drive for the packages to be put in and hike them back up to me after delivered. (coming from Amazon, I will get a text message right after delivery- nice perk)

Even with the warm days past and present that ice in not melting. Tried to hammer, pick, shovel, and pound.... too thick. Have a couple of ideas still; it is suppose to be sunny and warm until next weekend where some snow is predicted. So, wish me and Gypsy (she is my Ice Inspector) luck and I will let everyone know how it goes with the ...

 Wintering in Aspen Willow Ice Drive challenge

~ "little G" and Me ~ 
playing in the sunshine and snow

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