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but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out & proclaiming “Wow, What a Ride!”

Monday, February 20, 2017

Wintering in Aspen Willow ~ brain-stimuli nbs#218

I believe that Steve thinks I am bored, lonely, my brain needs stimulation; not sure exactly, but he keeps coming up with things for me to occupy my day. It’s okay, these are things we have discussed having or doing and now is a good time to get them started...I suppose. 

Well, got a new “brain” stimulator- aka: nbs#.  We talked about changing from the Windows Systems to a Mac. That day has come and it is I who will learn first, and then, if needed, help Steve with the transition. 

And since I am waiting for a replacement for the last project, nbs117, aka: “Oscar,” Steve, slipped in, NoNameYet, a new MacBook Pro 2015. No, it isn’t the best, biggest, brightest and all that other stuff; but, it has everything I need to do a test drive, "kick the tires" thoroughly. And was economically justifiable that if we decided Mac was not for what, not a high price to pay for learning that.

so, OK, let’s give it a try. I do have some other things, yes brain things, to finish and then, perhaps I will dig this new item out and begin.

When, you ask?

February23rd- new moon, best time for starting “new things” and this will be a “new thing.”

It will be some while, I am sure, before NNY, (NoNameYet) appears here in the world of my words.

I “popped” ” into the Springs to Best Buy’s sale and adopted NNY.  Just a note: going to Colorado Springs from the Ranch takes about an hour, one-way, which is why I question if you can actually jump into your vehicle and “pop” down to the Springs.  

 However, this trip worked out perfectly, there was a fabric store I wanted to check out but it was out of the way of my normal quarterly shopping trip. This trip, it was right on the way to Best Buy. Perfect! The other thing that I usually need when learning something new, is a book. Unbelievably, right next to Best Buy was a Barnes&Nobel bookstore and they had a MacBookPro book, only one mind you; I knew it was exactly what I wanted when I skimmed the pages. 

Yesterday I had a major deviation from my previous plans, but it worked out perfect!

*** I adopted NNY
**   found a great book resource
*     and got to go to the Mill Outlet Fabric Shop- awesome stock, beautiful fabrics, staff wonderful, kind of pricey

It’s the pricey that will most likely keep me from returning often. Did I get anything, yes, bought more than I should have, and do have fabric need plans...once I get done with all the nbs#'s. LOL

be sure to check this Thursday’s Crafting... 
    I made another wood project. :)

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