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but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out & proclaiming “Wow, What a Ride!”

Thursday, February 23, 2017

thursdsay's crafting ~ my dvd stand!

I have no TV but I do have a DVD player to watch movies and some TV series, shows that I love. Reign, Merlin, Legend of the Seeker, and of course the recent favorite, Once.  One episode a night is enough entertainment and then movies on the weekend.

After finding the best of portable DVD Players I needed somewhere to put it and something to put it on. I had been using my drafting stool. It worked but just wasn’t something I wanted long term. Syktk, the name of my player, didn’t belong with the stool, end of argument. The hard part was that I just could not find the “right one” it just wasn’t out there in my world.

Okay, got out the tools, the thinking cap, and supplies needed. That part took a while because of choosing what kind of wood. Then, I decided to make a prototype, working out the ideas and kinks with a cheaper not to perfect wood choice and then build another out of a nicer hardwood.

For my prototype, I chose to use "crafting" plywood- the two outside pieces are ready to paint, finish, leave natural; where as regular plywood is rough and needs a lot of finishing.
Had a tough time removing the labels. so stupid to put a hard to remove sticky labels on products!  took me as long to take off the labels as did make the blasted thing! it should be illegal!!!!

now for my DVD Cabinet:

Came up with an idea, measured it out, cut the wood & re-cut the wood, and kept fingers crossed.

three thing I wanted,
 * a sturdy stand that would hold the dvd player safely
 * a top that lifted off and would fit on a couch arm to rest player for viewing
 * and a foot rest for those times when the player is set before my chair or couch.

by a stroke of luck, help from my gremlin friends, and some skill :) I got it done finally and decided that it looked so OK that this was it, this was the finished stand. I sanded, put on handles, and covered the foam I bought for the foot rest, and wallah, the Project was done!

top lifts off to become a table that slips over the arm rest of my couch so I can stretch out and lay back to watch my shows, it works fantastic! sometimes you just have to take the time and make it yourself to get exactly what you want. 

~yea! that to-do is done~


  1. The versatility of your skill set never ceases to amaze me! Well done!

    1. thank you, my friend, surprised myself too- ha! miss you- give everyone a hug for me.