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Thursday, February 16, 2017

thursday's crafting ~ food bowl stand

This may not be a ‘crafting’ project as we think of...crafts... but it is a project that that is handmade and involves a crafting skill. 

I feel that Gypsy’s dishes need to be a little higher than floor height. I tried to find one, but they were just not right, either too low or too high or the bowls were too small. And to be honest I really like the bowls that I have for her.  I saw several on the internet, homemade ones, that I could specify my dimensions; but, they were outrageously expensive.  OK, that means then we need to ‘make’ one of our own. 

First I used and old box, cut holes in it, then I tried to cut holes into some woods with a jigsaw... well, that didn’t turn out. Even sanding would not have fixed the mess. So, then, I ordered a special circular blade just the right size that I could put on my drill and cut. 

 It was expensive, but now I was determined to finish this. All I can say is that it was NOT as easy as you would think- twice while cutting, the drill, and blade, decided to shoot out of my hands and off in the yonder like a bat out of hell. There is a skill to this- (now I know why those others were so expensive) luckily, I came out of the experience unscathed and with beautifully neat holes in the wood. 

After the holes it was just a matter of cutting the other pieces, securing them together, sanding, and painting.

I used some plastic hose for around the inside of the holes to keep the bows steady and help with any moisture that may accumulate.  Little rubber feet to prevent slipping, and wallah.... Gypsy has her elevated bowl holder.

She loves it!   U..U

and yes, Samantha has an elevated dish too. ^..^

in case you were wondering where I purchased my saw. 6" is the largest you'll find t hardware stores; so, if you need something larger, this company was awesome; great customer service and sales. 
click to visit website

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