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but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out & proclaiming “Wow, What a Ride!”

Monday, January 23, 2017

Wintering in Aspen Willow ~ to snowshoe or not to snowshoe ???

I try to take Gypsy out for “walkies” at least every day, a couple of times the temperature is just not going to allow us to venture much past our heaters or fire; nevertheless, for the most part we have enough sunshine hours to at least put in a short jaunt.

Now, getting around in the meadows and forest has its challenges. First of all the snow is three or four feet deep in many places. The positive note is that Colorado snow is very dry, and I mean very dry. I can walk around knee deep for thirty to forty minutes and when I hit “dry land” my jeans are essentially unscathed by any moisture. That makes it nice, and on Gypsy too, I would worry more about her getting hypothermic if she were to get wet, but she too stays dry. Cold yes, but we are dry.

The other day it was beautiful, around forty degrees, the sun shining, no wind... so, Gypsy and I decided to head out into the woods and see what kind of critter tracks we could find- best time to track “critters” is seeing their little prints in the snow.

Knowing that the snow was going to be deep where we were headed I pulled out my old snowshoes, strapped them on and headed off into the wild white yonder. Gypsy didn’t know what to make of them...she was curious but also leery of these strange contraptions on my feet. After barking and running around, making my trek across the snow even harder, she decided there were other more interesting things to bark at and chase.

no not a snowshoe hare
but Me hahahah
Our snow was so dry, soft, and deep in many places the snowshoes were almost useless. I sunk as deep as if I hadn’t any on. And after about a half hour of trudging over hill and dale I was getting pretty darn tired; but... having a blast as well. The next time we went out, the snowshoes were left behind.

A neighbor, Michael, says that later in the year, more towards April, our heaviest snow time, (she grimaces) they will be more useful as the snow does become wetter and denser.

But for now I love merely trudging through the snow, following the deer tracks (they know the best route) and enjoying the peace. The difference of hiking when the earth is dry compared to when snow is present is much like the difference of Rain vs. Snow falling. One has an unmistakable sound and the other is simply and quietly happening.

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