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Monday, January 30, 2017

wintering in Aspen Willow ~ a thought-

One of the best things about being out here at the ranch...all alone... is the ‘self-evaluation-retrospection’ time you get not having to interface with others. Although.... I do spend some time on Facebook, seeing what others are doing and also letting some know that I am doing ok on a daily basis. And honestly, it really is the only time I see the world beyond my own ‘bubble’, my personal space as some will describe it.

 I do go out of the ‘zone’ every two to three weeks for groceries, and anything else I might need for projects and such. And, yes, there I meet people and interface with the public somewhat. However, that short time is not really worthy of the term- socializing.  

And I have a Twitter account, which I pop on maybe twice a month. It is really for my “wildlife” contacts- more up-to-date info (ok, maybe not ‘really up-to-date’ with only checking it twice) but the effort of checking on everyone without logging in and out of seventeen websites is nice. Facebook gives you info ASAP as well; however, I have been finding a lot more ‘Podium Pounding Political Propaganda’ than I care to see. On Twitter there isn't as much.

The PPPP- oh no people of the World, not the PodiumPounding Political Propaganda. 
): yep! :(

I did have to stop a few Wildlife Sites because of the post and the tactics they were using to get the public riled and turned to their political agenda. I am still donating to their institutions because my objective is to help animals, but do choose to ignore the way they are getting their messages across.  Not necessarily what they said but the way it was said. You can make something important, inspire to act to help. Or, you can manipulate an emotion into acting the way you want them to act. Usually with anger, actually, any of the negative emotions

And what I really don’t understand is WHY? Why, are we so angry and most recent was over this last Political Season. I am baffled- truly baffled. People I have known to be gentle and open-minded are so closed now that I am not sure they will return.

An acquaintance on Facebook, had accidentally become unfriended on my boards.  When she did get in touch to see if I had Unfriended her, her comment was. “I didn’t know, so many of my friends suddenly unfriended me over this election.”
My chin dropped; WHAT!?
   1. the reason I say she is an ‘acquaintance’ and not a ‘friend’ is because if she was a ‘friend’ she would know that is not me, I would never NOT be someone’s friend for something as personal as a difference of opinion.
  2. this one baffles me why it is not so obvious- “anyone that would do this (intended insult) ‘unfriend’ you over the fact you have a difference of opinion is NOT, and I repeat, NOT a Friend! So, what does it matter? You don’t want people like that as friends; or, at least I don’t.

After that I did start to become more aware of my own FB Page and its followers, likes, dislikes...and I too saw a pattern. Several of my co-worker friends who always made some contact through FB hadn’t for a long time.... hum. How Long? Well, to my surprise just about as long as it started getting politically hot on FB. Now, a couple of people rather than ‘unfriend’ me, they just stopped responding or distanced themselves. One was honest and said she just could not accept that I was for the other candidate.  I told her that it was all right; hopefully I will see her in the future when she can come to terms with herself.

Another person: I had mentioned that I just didn’t see what Obama accomplished that justified so many “Idolizing” him. Seriously, it was just my opinion, maybe my lack of seeing the picture, and I expected that they would let me know. They didn’t, they responded – by Instant Messenger- with a high intensity of angry ramblings- then, unfriended and blocked me.  Oh, well.

Then there was a friend who posted something “I felt” was not funny and was disrespectful.  I think my comment was that everyone deserves a certain amount of respect. Okay, there were a few outsider responses, mad at me; saying this and that- but she never said a word. I am sure she simply smiled, probably chucked, and said...”well, I think it was funny.” and that’s Okay too.

We need to allow everyone their opinions ... as long as ... it is not with malicious intent. Then, I have to say it is wrong!

I joined Facebook so that my friends could make sure I was all right out in the woods by myself and so I could continue enjoying their lives, many are like family and it is a very good way to keep in touch with your friends and loved ones.

It has changed since I started, and I can say I spend more time ignoring posts and than I do Liking, Laughing, Wowing them. (not friends- environmental sites) Okay, some friends, haha. I made a decision not to acknowledge any posting that are political or religious-

        An Uncle once told me “to stay 'socially happy', stay away from talking about Religion and Politics.” Wise man!

I do, when I feel malice, injustice, or even maybe inappropriate posts or comments, speak up and say something brief. Non-judgmental, just what I personally felt about that comment or post.

I would love FB if they place an Ignore Icon for us to use along with their others. I remember a few years back when there were just chat rooms and forums- if someone posted something you didn’t feel was proper, appropriate...etc. you simply wrote in the comments ~~ignoring~~ and that was that.

hum... guess what I did... hahaha- posted in the comments section will work just as well I suppose.  And I don’t really care what anyone thinks of it...comment notifications will be turned off on my end- comment, yell, say mean nasty things... I won’t care. BUT...I might just get someone thinking a little differently.

another thing this wise elderly Uncle taught me- that if you acknowledge the existence of something it gives that something strength to change or change you. 
 it can be positive or negative.

So this FaceBook issue and the hatred, anger, etc... if we were to Ignore those
negative posts...the people will have to realize they no longer are getting the attention they seek and perhaps try a different tactic...such as: 
Truth and Kindness will get you noticed and a positive response.

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