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Thursday, January 12, 2017

thursday's crafting ~ have sewing will travel

  I use to make my own scrub tops, it is simple pattern and if able to purchase fabrics on sale you could have an adorable and unique scrub top for less than $5.00 in some cases. One day, thinking about all the crafts I was going to do when I retired, I suddenly thought of making a quilt from my tops.  With that, I began saving all my tops.

Then I saw this idea, it was perfect. I love books, (my financial downfall- ha) and what a fun piece to have in my keep me warm while I curl up and read. 

Now, my problem was... I know how to sew, but know nothing about making quilts. And this one is going to be a challenging task to be sure.

I was excited to find a Quilting Shop way up here in the mountains—yea! Nuts and Bolts in Woodland Park. And they have quilting classes, which will teach me the basic and help me figure out just how best to make my BookCase Quilt.

Needing a sewing project while I waited for the class date I found an adorable Sewing Tool Case and thought it would be fun to use to take what supplies I needed for the class. And I needed a travel case for my machine. I debated purchasing one, but thought “what fun would that be” so also set about making a tote for my machine.

Here are my results:           

The tote is a simple tote pattern with a wooden, removable, bottom. It is extremely sturdy and can be used for a lot of different sewing needs.  I made a pocket of my “kitty sewing room” fabric that matches the cover for my machine. 

the next is what I am very proud of. I found the pattern on Craftsy, the instructions are Metric measurements, but easily converted. I actually used my own size and then followed the instructions from there. I am sorry I don’t have photos of the “step-by-step” process. I went too slow and was too intense not to make a mistake, didn’t want the distraction. Usually in these kinds of cases I turn things around and have to undo a lot of seams....not this time! yea, it came out perfectly. There was one moment of panic when I thought I had something backwards but just hadn’t turned everything--- I was elated. 
This was also made using my "kitty sewing room" fabric... love it!

This was fun, now I am thinking about one for my Embroidery tools-
 here is a link for the pattern:  Craftsy: Tooly Tool Holder Easel

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