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Thursday, January 26, 2017

thursday's crafting ~ embroidery tool tote

  hello, and good morning my friends. Well, I will have to say that I got a little "crafting bug" the other day while working on the embroidery baby blanket that is my latest 'needs to be finished to-do project' 

I had planned on making an embroidery tool kit much like the 'Sewing Tooly' you saw here a few weeks ago, the plan was to make a box type of tote, but then saw an idea on Pinterest using an embroidery hoop as a base. Cute idea!

When I was at Hobby Lobby I found some really cheap hoops that I thought would work if and when I got the idea going. Then I found some adorable fabrics...for various reason and needs... and tucked them away for the day when the project called to me.   

"Hello.. I'm here and ready to be done." was the little voice that called out while I was working on my blanket. hahaha... end of story. 

I am not use to keeping track of what and how I do something, especially when it is from scratch like this, so please bare with me. I hope that I have touch on enough to get you started on your own. Most of you I know are seasoned seamstresses and will get the idea. If you are not, please just email or comment and I'll try and answer any questions. 

The hardest part was choosing the fabric to use, that seems to always be the hard part for me. Although I didn't need to here, I often use the "selvage edge with the color dots" to find the best matches. 

I will try and take you step by step as to what I did so if you want to try, you have an idea how to go about it. And if you figure out anything easier or better, please let me know.

After choosing your fabric, lay it into the hoop and start to plan what tools you want and where. Then pin where the pockets need to be. I slipped them in and out a couple of time to make sure the fit was correct. Next, measure where your pins are and make a note. Do the same with the backside if you plan on having a single pocket, or multi. I made a pattern marking all my seems and pocket stitching for both sides.  I know my scissors in the back pocket were too short so I made a horizontal mark where I need to stitch and make it shorter than the others. My hoop was 1/4' thick so I added 1/2" for seam allowance- (note to self and you- wasn't quite enough, need maybe 3/4" to 1")

Since this front-back pocket will contain thicker supplies, cut the sides a touch larger. Remember to mark your vertical and horizontal pocket lines. First thing to sew is the little horizontal scissor line of just the back and first pocket piece, then lay the second pocket piece on top and sew your vertical pocket lines. do the same for the back if you have more than one pocket. 

after everything was cut and pockets sewn, I once again placed it into the hoop to make sure it fit before getting ready to sew the side. 

Note: if you are putting a design or any embellishments on the back pocket don't forget to sew those onto that pocket before getting ready to put the back pieces together.

Okay, put front pieces in place and the back pieces together, with right sides of each section, F & B, together, sew your side (or in this case round) seam making sure to keep all your layers together- you could baste or I do recommend to pin. I used a 1/4" seam. Leave an opening for turning near the side. (not bottom or top)  Trim your edge and especially the area where all the layers are at the bottom... it gets thick. Turn your project and "wallah."

Now, the kicker, and reason for note to self, with mine was that I made it just a tiny bit too small and could not get a good grip on the material to place it in the hoop as if a piece ready to work on. So, before I closed up the little turning hole, I cut my (thankfully wasn't plastic) bamboo hoop and slipped it inside, then taped it back together. Now, the hoop top fit nicely and all was well. It actually finishes it better I think. :)

Put your goodies inside and hurrah, you can begin to embroider with all your tools and supplies ready at hand. 

I like using the little plastic bobbins to keep any thread I am using, so I just placed my bobbin ring at the top and let it hang. I also made a little "needle/pin" cushion, which I also hung at the top. I filled it with half Steel Wool- (this will help keep my needles sharp) and half plain batting. 

and it all fits nicely into my carrier

this was a fun and rather simple project to do. It took about 4 hours (between stoking the fire, and playing with Gypsy.) LOL I am thinking of making a couple more as gifts, or maybe it could be another one of my Farmer's Market Possibles. 


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