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Monday, December 5, 2016

Wintering in Aspen Willow fun photos

Monday’s are my Wintering in Aspen Willow stories and posts; so, I thought today I will just share some fun photographs of my, Samantha and Gypsy’s days here at the ranch so far. Many of these some of you have seen on my Facebook page; however, there are some of you not connected to FB, these are for you.

our first snow Samie and Gypsy had to go out and play...after photos of course

the temperature stays around 8 degrees to 46 degree, so dressing warm is a must...even Gypsy has a jacket
Samantha loves playing the a point- when her tootsies get too cold she comes in to get warm again...then heads back out.
Gypsy... well, this little ones love the snow so much it is hard to keep her inside- it may be 10 degrees outside and she isn't effected one little bit. A true Swiss mountain dog. 
a couple photos that I love~
 the lady on the left is expecting in the spring
love the snow gathering on their back as they graze
Turkeys!!!! Gypsy loves to chase these guys   
yes, it's a Bear print- haven't seen him/her yet 
the wildest of all.... a crazy lady in a rover
plowing the 700 foot drive.... hahahah
had so much fun even went down the private road a ways toward our
south meadow. it is FUN! but then, when the snow is high, it's windy and cold... :(
 i'll be inside, warm, and waiting for sun and calm winds :)
have a fabulous week everyone, 
and keep an eye out for Thursday's Crafting, 
I finished my Yule arrangement...this year it is very different.

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