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Thursday, December 1, 2016

thursday's crafting ~ crocheted baskets

 this week I want to talk about Crocheted Baskets. I came upon this fun style last year while out at the ranch and found a book on crocheting baskets.

I love baskets and bags, actually you could call me a "bag lady" hehe, the patterns looked simple, ideas for uses fun, and vast.

Then, getting on to Pinterest I found hundreds of patterns.

One afternoon I was working on a particularly large basket, that I had no idea what I was going to use it for; when I put it down to do something, Samantha promptly laid herself in it, curled up and fell asleep. Crocheted pet beds work too- both Samantha and Jake love theirs.

I’ll not go into the “How To” since there is so much information and patterns on the Internet, my Pinterest board- TAOC-the Hook, and books; which, I will share the ones I found to be the best.

Here are some baskets I have done for not only myself, but they make wonderful gifts- alone or filled. 


simple, fun patterns
my first, great starter
lot's of ideas and techniques

an Internet site I found very useful:

wait.... take a look at this! Tapestry Crochet Baskets

these are just so beautiful, I cannot pass this up.
A special basket style that I found while strolling through my research; the patterns are so beautiful and it is not your same-o-same-o crocheted basket. These are unique and I believe deserve a special posting. With that, I will give you a peek in case you find you would rather skip the simple style and go straight to these.  I have not as of yet started one of these, did purchase a book...of course, you know me, I love books! As soon as I finish with my other pending projects this one will be next, it has me excited.

this book has the templates
you need to begin so you can
create your own designs
great book!
this is another, nice to have a digital
version to take along with you.

Internet sites:

hope you enjoyed this posting and have found a new fun way to crochet. Until next week, keep your creative juices flowing; and as always, would love to hear comments, ideas, and see your finished projects. (you can post in comments as Anonymous-you do not have to have an account-) Also, these posting are better viewed on a computer or by "web version," sometimes the e-mail and phones distort the layout, so if you have some issues, go to that old fashioned screen :)

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