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but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out & proclaiming “Wow, What a Ride!”

Monday, November 28, 2016

time ~ with the speed of mouse or snail

It’s almost December... wow, DECEMBER... unbelievable.  The last month of 2016 and it feels like this year just flew by, it did, right off the calendar.

 I remember this time last year returning from my three month trial stay in Colorado. “Excited” for the arrival of the next summer when I would not only be retiring from Kaiser, finally, but moving out to the ranch on a more permanent basis; and was “Not So Excited About” having to deal with wearing a medical mask my entire shift at Kaiser, due to refusing the flu shot. I shall not go into that boring story. Nevertheless, I did wear that mask until flu season was deemed over in March. I counted not only each day for my June retirement but each day to getting rid of that horrid papery fabric covering my face all day.

Actually it all went by fairly quickly, no complaints here.  Think I was too busy getting things ready for the two events to notice the time.

I remember contemplating, a while back, why when we get older that time seems to fly past us at the rate of a mouse being chased by a cat; as opposed to during childhood, the rate of speed of a snail going nowhere in particular. It should be the other way around, ha!

Anticipation! I decided it was because of “anticipating, waiting for...” As a child you’re always waiting: waiting for your Birthday, School Vacations, your Family’s vacation, Holidays, going somewhere with friends.... there is always exciting things you’re waiting to do while a child. As an Adult, there are exciting things there too... but more than anything you are just too busy with living; having normal day to day must do’s that you never seem to have enough time to meet the “get it done” deadline, and passes at a supersonic speed.

It makes sense. So, how do we attempt to slow down time while still keeping with our normal daily ADULT lives?

Find moments of Anticipation, Make Anticipation if you have to; find some reason to look forward to an upcoming calendar day. Not one where you need to do a ton of things to get ready for that day...heavens! Then it will become another “not enough time” fly by event.

No, it has to be something simple, easy to obtain, not too costly, but exciting; most totally, exciting.

So, with that thought I am working on just such plans. Hum, this is easier said than done, but will be fun to do. 

How about you? Will you join me in my newest "Wintering in Aspen Willow" challenge...? See if you can make time go from being a cat-chased mouse to a snail serendipitously moving along in its life.
Attempt to slow down your perception of time by creating an anticipated event for an upcoming calendar day—needs to be far off enough to notice the “time change” and is easy, simple, and fun.

One last word- the concept of Time in this challenge is purely one’s Perception, how you, and only you, judge the speed at which your time and calendar turns. So, if you are going to try this with a friend(s) remember the “anticipatory” event- even if the same as each other- is as individual to your “self” as is the time you are judging. What am I saying: don’t compare your judgement of time's speed with this, your perception will be unique.

(have an event in mind, although I need to really consider if it is sagacious. :)

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