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Monday, November 14, 2016

love the Sunroom

getting warm in front of propane heater before sunrise
look close (clickpic) to see Samie near my left shoulder
Wintering at Aspen Willow... "wintering" is the key word here. And it’s not really deep into winter yet! Yikes. I am so glad that I chose to stay in the smaller cabin this first winter because it will be a huge challenge to not only to keep myself warm but heat the larger home.

It hasn’t snowed yet, which is unusual by now. When we lived in Colorado years ago the two biggest snows were at the end of October and in April. However... on that note... I am not really that disappointed or desperate for it to snow. A delay is okay, I am sure there will be snow enough for me to enjoy.

At this moment I am sitting in the cabin’s “sunroom” a place I think I am going to spend a great deal of time this winter. It is nice! Woke this morning to the cabin at around 54 degrees, had the propane heater set very low last night, think I will bring it up a touch tonight. Yes, I do have wood, but am saving that for the “real” cold.

The girls, Samantha and Gypsy, are crazy; first thing they want to do is go outside. OUTSIDE mind you, where Gypsy’s poop freezes almost before it hits the ground. seriously! ha ha!

We have a rule, until the sun shines on the ground outside they have to stay inside. Then, they can go and romp to their hearts desire. Samantha usually comes back inside once she realizes all her chipmunks and ground squirrels are staying in their homes. She’s not a bird kitty, thank goodness.

Gypsy, well, this little gal has a routine that takes her around our immediate yard, both houses, and then into the woods- sometimes I see deer dashing out- hollering, “pooch on the loose.” Sometimes, when I am not paying strict attention, I simply hear her thundering up the stairs and across the patio as she returns all vamped and excited the day has started.

just a note: both Samantha and Gypsy wear radio collars at all times when they are outside. And they work great, I can zero right in to them. Also, has a little blinking light when I am searching (rule #1~ no animals outside before dawn or after dusk!) And my remote beeps as it zeros in, they both hear it- and that alone brings Gypsy back to me. When Samantha is in the meadow...she is so well blended I need the beeper and binoculars to find her. :)

Once everyone has gotten their morning duties done, we gather out on the front porch in the warm sunshine and relax planning our new day.

... Or, days when the wind chill is 10 degrees lower than the temperature, like today, we simply rest in the Sunroom and enjoy each other.

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