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Thursday, October 20, 2016

thursday's holiday craft ~ fun yard ghosties

Halloween is coming up in a couple of weeks, usually I don’t participate with decorating and such but last year I did promise my neighbor to do something to add to the fun for her grandsons who were making crafts to decorate their yard now that they were old enough to really enjoy the fun of…. hallows eve. 

 I remembered seeing something like this in someone's yard last year and at that time thought how cute it looked. My goal was to use recycled or re-purposed items.

yard ghosties
Materials Needed:
Body~  Old White Sheets or not~ who says you can’t have designer ghosts. Wood Sticks, dowels, old broom or mop handles – I used some branches, sticks, that Jesse insists on bringing back from our canyon walks…ha!

Head ~ Anything you have that can be shaped into a ball or head- I used a grocery bag filled with my recent shredding material. Leave some bag ends free to attach the ball to the sticks.

Face~ Paint or Sharpe marker

Neck~ Repurposed ribbon, raffia, shipping rope, fabric cut into a ribbon from old clothing.

Scissors and duck tape

Cut the sheet into squares based on the size of your balls (which is the head of the ghost). Wrap the sheet around the ball, and tie it in place with a piece of ribbon or raffia. Create a face for your ghost.

Push the pole/stick under the sheet and up through the ribbon attaching to the ball with tape. Push the other end of the dowel/stick into the ground. Push it down until you can't see the stick, but so that the sheet still can flow in the wind.

You can place a few in a circle and tie the corners together to make it look like they are playing Ring around the Rosie. You can also line a walkway or driveway with them.

If you make these, make sure you send me a photo so it can be posted here. 

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