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Monday, February 8, 2016

divesting and the move to Colorado

Last week I started going through my closets and study getting ready to do my “annual divesting” as well as deciding what items need to be taken to Colorado this summer. It would be easier to just pack up everything and haul it out there; but I have promised Steve, who will not be going out just yet, not to leave my study bare. He said it would be like I left him for good. :) I can understand that.

So with that thought, and the amount of room I have to trek everything going, I have made boxes to start filling up the essentials. It will be a task to be sure, and rough choices to be made- but I know it will get done. LOL. Just for fun I thought you, my readers, might enjoy seeing what items I want to get rid of, along with those that are my "Keepforevers," and will post the results over the next weeks. 

My goal date is June 1st, to have most everything selected and packed or- that which gets divested sold or given away.  I retire on June 21st and head out to Colorado at the end of July. However, I am planning those last couple of weeks for getting the finishing touches done on the house for Steve to manage while still here.

Item of the week: my Trolls

When all my friends were playing with Barbie.... I had TROLLS !. I spent hours upon hours playing with them and making their clothes. Here, at the age of 53 years old, are my original Mama and her three kids; with their last known handmade wardrobe- (not sure where the rest of the clothes are, maybe lost in moves past)

These are a "KeepForever" item. BTW: I learned to sew at 9 because of these little guys

the areas of focus......

 have Trollrific week  

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