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Thursday, January 7, 2016

thursday's crafting ~ a tuffet?

I have been saving the scrub tops that I have made and purchased for the last 20 years. Not sure exactly what I was going to do with them, I came up with an idea a while ago; make a quilt. I have been kicking around several designs, and really like a few I have found on Pinterest.

Recently my friend in England came up with a fantastic idea for the scubs- she said to make a “tuffet” out of them. Well, feeling rather silly, I had no idea what a tuffet was. 

So, off to the computer and google-land where I found out it is a small stool. Then, it suddenly occurred to me that all these years I really never knew what Miss Muffett’s tuffet was... ha! Always just assumed it was a British word for their arse. I burst out with a laugh finally getting it.

I think I actually have enough scrub material that I can make both a small lap quilt and a tuffet.  There is a wonderful quilting store I found near me in Colorado that has the big machine to do the finishing quilting.

Ok, here is another project to work on while waiting out the snow storms next winter :)

Liz, my friend in England will attempt the tuffet before me and she will be a excellant teacher when it is my turn.

here are a couple of my favorite quilt patterns- the first one is absolutely my favorite, I love jig-saw puzzles and this pattern is me.... however not sure how to sew the pieces together- I am exploring the wonderful world of "YouTube" a place rather foreign to me, but discovering quickly; like has its value. the second one is easier to build and would be nicely finished on the quilting loom machine. 

It will be a while before I am into this project and I am sure many more ideas will come along. But for now.... a tuffet is definately in plans. Thanks Liz for that inspiration.

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