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Thursday, January 21, 2016

thursday's crafting ~ record time with stickers

     this is a project that I have do every year. It is not only fun but very productive too, especially if you wonder where the time went....

Have you ever wonder where the time went, what did you do with that time you didn’t notice pass you by?

     Well, I do, a lot, actually I use to wonder. Several years ago, I got an idea from my childhood days of my parents putting stickers or marks on a calendar of all my accomplishments and goals. 

      Thus, the birth of my "sticker book."

      In a calendar, either a small wall, mini wall, or pocket planner,  I have a series of daily, weekly, monthly, projects and goals in mind and have a sticker for each one. I keep a legend of what each sticker stands for; every time I complete or accomplish one of these tasks I get a sticker on my calendar.  At the end of the week, month, or year you can look back and see what you have done with your time.  I even have stickers for “pajama” days, special days and events. I think this is a great idea for everyone. If stickers are unavailable, you can use series of miniature ink stamps. They are just as good, and last longer than a packet of stickers.

     There have been many times I have done something that I would have procrastinated…except for wanting to see that sticker on the page.

    You can even have a secret prize for yourself for keeping the calendar going all year.

     If you hang your sticker calendar on the wall at your computer, desk, dresser, anywhere you will see it daily,  you’ll be more likely to keep it going… plus, it also shows everyone just how busy you really are.  :)

Don't forget, this is also a great way to interest children, I loved it as a kid seeing my accomplishments and "chores done!!"

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