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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

healthy living ~ portion size + plus exercise = you the right size

OKAY people... it's the New Year and I know everyone including me has that one resolution at the top of their list. 1. LOSE WEIGHT! EXERCISE MORE! EAT HEALTHIER!

Many times I have said that if we all ate as if we were diabetics this society would not have the health issues it has: even including the ones that our food additive chemicals cause. That in itself is a whole other matter and posting.

Saddly over the past couple of months I have regained a couple of extra pounds, so, I too need to get back on track with this simple plan. A couple of years ago Steve and I decided the best way to lose weight and keep it off was a simple rule- and it works!

who wants to join me in making this your new Lifetime Mantra.... :)

portion size + plus exercise = you the right size

Portion size--This concept is not new by any means; Steve and I eat using salad plates instead of a dinner plates. We put what we are going to eat on our plate (using the plate method for what goes on it) and DO NOT go back for seconds- period! Okay, we do have those special days when we indulge, however they are few and far between. 

So like you've heard before- "stop the madness," stop giving billions of dollars to the weight-loss industry, stop trying every "lose weight fast gimmick," - stop the pills and drinks, and the “toy diet” foods and follow the simple "portion size, exercise, right size" method. If it is high in calories, eat a smaller portion.  Look on packages and see what a portion size really is. I bet you eat three to four portions of an item. Most Americans do- they have got to have that 12oz steak over the healthy and normal 4oz portion.

At work everyone sees my containers for my dinners and says “oh my, look how cute.” And then, asks “how can you eat so little...". I say, "I am eating a proper portion. How can you eat so much?" They usually reply, "I could never survive with that little amount." and I just smile and think...."no, you are not going survive long or healthily eating the way you do." like you've heard before- "stop dieting," and follow the simple "portion size, exercise, right size" method. Yes, there are some great ...eating plans “diets” out there. One I highly recommend, especially if you have high blood pressure is the "DASH DIET." Bottom line, follow this and you will be healthy.

Exercise-- you don't have to go to gym, pay for expensive equipment, or even nearly kill yourself exercising. Simple walking, 3 mph, for 20 to 30 minutes (best part, it can be broken into three, 10 minute segments per day) has proven the absolute most effective way to prevent high blood pressure, control diabetes, and lose weight. I am serious!  Now add a 5-10 minute "free weight" session a couple of times a week for that extra toning- and whalla, you've got a healthy plan that is doable and will stick with you. Fear the boredom of walking...?  Get a dog, borrow a dog. Our bernese mountain dog, Jesse, use to be the personal trainer for our walks.

A favorite exercise DVD program for those times when I can't get outside or need a change is Leslie Sansone's  "walk away the pounds" programs. They are fun, you walk in front of your computer, TV, DVD player---- and you lose nothing but weight!!!!!.

I also have a treadmill, what I like about this is... I can hook up my iPad, put on Netflix, (presently watching the series~ Reign) 42 minutes of entertainment; and the treadmill has dual speakers that actually let me hear without having to wear headphones!

One recommended purchased diet plan that my research has found to be healthy is Nutrisystem- yep, it does have chemicals, but compared to Jenny Craig and WeightWatchers, it is a whole lot healthier! Those two saddly ARE NOT heart or diabetic healthy plans, and they admit it. Nutrisystem, even without its specially formulated "diabetic" plan is lower in sodium, carbs, and sugar. And most of their meals are not frozen or do not need refrigeration for storage. I like that.

A couple of great books that I think everyone should read and have in their "health" arsenal. Even if you do not have any issues, you should read these and be aware of what options you have to some medicines or life styles.

DIABETES without drugs -- this is an outstanding book. Even a friend of mine who is a hardcore researcher when it comes to medical issues said that this was one of the best diabetes books she has read in ages. It is not your standard book about diabetes, but it covers the supplements, their reactions to your body, and how prescription drugs "muddle" the effects of nutrients in your system. It is a worthy book to read and study for all lifestyles and health issues, not just diabetes. It is written by a pharmacist.

LOWER YOUR CHOLESTEROL in 4weeks. Okay, now normally I would have passed this book up thinking -- oh no not another do this in so many days- but it was recommended to me by the Pharmacist at Kaiser when I told her that my ever taking a Statin Drug was not going to happen.  Along with other suggestions for lowering my cholesterol naturally, she said it was basic information- and as it turns out, this book is a good reference.

so, begin today and be the "Right Size!"

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