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Thursday, October 22, 2015

thursday's garden ~ awr's three gardens

here are a few picture's of the three gardens I am working on at the ranch- I only have a week left here, but think that I have started each to have my plan-of-action in place.  the rest of the ranch will be natural landscape, I can't compete with nature- it is too beautiful here.

the moss garden- the north side of the house gets a small amount of sun and has a lot of moisture, the perfect place. I am working on a fountain made of bark and rocks to place here. The center window is our den and it will be wonderful to hear a fountain.

this beautiful piece I confiscated from deep within our forest
took me nearly all day to cut and haul....but it is worth it.

the bird garden-
this area is between the MC and main house in a small aspen grove. I plan to have ground level feeder dishes, (which I am sure the chipmunks and ground squirrels will enjoy as well) hang some feeder-blocks from the trees, and a small solar fountain bird bath, as well as some homemade birdhouses.

the wood in the back was also hauled here from the
forest, it is perfectly shaped for a seat
occasionally we have a loss do to window-strikes
or other conditions- this will be where we bury
our little feathered friends. plan to have a carved
bird on the pedestal 

the butterfly/bee garden-
hidden on the other side of the MC from the bird garden (remember last year in CA I put the butterfly garden where I fed the birds and they ate all the caterpillars...) so, I have made it not so easy here at the ranch. my biggest task here was covering our well-pump head that obtrusively stuck out of the ground. I was going to build or purchase a wishing well, but found a solution I like much more, this fills my desire to re-purpose and use from nature. Next year it will be filled with Colorado wildflowers of every variety. My next task is a way to cover and hide my propane tank.

butterflies and bees cannot drink directly from a
water dish- here I have clear marbles and moss
a small stump with a natural bowl for the
resident chipmunks and ground squirrels
and of course somewhere comfy to sit
and enjoy the fragrances 

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