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Thursday, September 17, 2015

thursday's gardens ~ creating a fairy garden

It's fun to believe in fairies, even if it's just "make believe" that you believe. Creating a fairy garden makes "make believe" yet more fun and may even invite some magic into your life.

You can start by doing some research into fairy lore to learn about different types of fairies and what attracts them. Different fairies like different plants and flowers, usually the same ones that appeal to their friends, the butterflies and bees. Designate a corner or patch of your garden for fairies. If you're fortunate enough to have a pond in your garden, you have the perfect spot for water nymphs. Fairies like hiding places like fern groves or an opening by the base of an old tree. You can also plant container gardens, making it even easier to miniaturize everything to fairy size. Troughs and barrels make wonderful miniature gardens or bring the magic inside by creating a tabletop garden.

You can create a wonderfully whimsical look by converting a small dresser drawer into a mini garden. Line the drawer with heavy plastic and fill it with potting soil. Baby tear and moss give the garden a magical look. Or plant herbs that both you and the fairies can eat. Add some small stones and pebbles, perhaps designing a little path and then add tiny accessories for the fairies to use. You can decorate with dollhouse furniture, or use your imagination to create benches, fencing, and trellises out of sticks, twigs, and miniature ivy.

It doesn't have to be a large garden, many are created in miniature settings.

Once you plant a garden for fairies, your imagination will start to bloom. You'll see acorn caps as fairy cups and walnut shells as fairy bowls. Christmas ornaments make wonderful gazing balls since fairies love to admire their reflections. A small champagne glass serves as a birdbath and a clay pot turned on its side and half-buried in the soil can be a fairy house. You may find that you start collecting miniature urns and statues, even tiny topiaries. And, you'll discover plants and flowers that enhance your garden such a miniature daisy, pink fairy rose, and fairy lunaria, which looks like small snapdragon. 

You can hang out a "fairy garden" sign, which is of course more for humans, since the fairies will already know it's their garden. After all, "if you build it, they will come."

here are a few gardens actually made by the fairies at the ranch, 
these are very special places.

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