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Monday, September 7, 2015

bird gardens

Creating A Bird Sanctuary

One of the first things when I get out to Aspen Willow Ranch permanently is to create a sanctuary for wild birds. “You have the whole ranch and preserve, isn’t that a sanctuary?” you ask. It is, but creating a special place for you and the birds have many benefits, and the plan is to bring them closer to my home and heart.

Birds compliment a garden. They add life and activity to an already beautiful, serene place. And, their presence gives a stamp of approval that we are supporting a healthy ecosystem with a balance of flowers, plants, trees, and healthy soil. When our garden attracts birds Mother Nature is telling us that we're doing something right.

There are a few things you can do to invite more birds into your garden. First, do a little research to find out who your local birds are. You can start by observing who's visiting your garden already or take a stroll through the neighborhood and do some bird watching. Also, visit the library for bird books or do an online search.

Basically, you'll want to provide shelter, food, water and a nesting site to make the birds feel welcome. After you've learned something about the birds in your area and what flowering plants and trees they're attracted to, you can plan your garden, or supplement it, with horticulture to their liking.

Trees provide both shelter and food for birds as well as nesting sites and perches for social interaction. Shrubs and flowering plants also offer food in the way of seeds and insects that they attract. You can supplement their food source with bird feeders of which there are a variety to choose from. Just check to make sure you fill it with the right seed.

A birdbath is essential to attracting birds. They need it for drinking and bathing. You can purchase some fancy birdbaths, but it's also easy and inexpensive to make your own with a simple ceramic or plastic dish. Place it out in the open, away from trees or bushes where cats can hide. That way you can also have a clear view since it's a delight to watch birds taking a bath. Be sure to provide fresh water daily.

While most birds nest in trees or bushes, some will use a bird house, which provides a more secure, windproof site. Again, you can purchase ready-made bird houses, or you can be creative and make one yourself. Small, single-dwelling bird houses can be easily hung in a tree or lamp post, out of reach of predators.

By providing some basic amenities for the local birds, you'll be creating a wildlife sanctuary that benefits them and gives you hours of enjoyment. National Wildlife Federation will even recognize your efforts if your garden meets their requirements and will provide an attractive sign designating your garden as a wildlife bird sanctuary, .

this is one of Aspen Willow Ranch's beautiful jays. he is waiting for his share of the peanuts.

photographs, except mr. jay were taken in my California garden.

have wonderful week !

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