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Monday, August 31, 2015

gardens in the moonlight

the moon photographed in CO- at Aspen Willow Ranch
The first of this year’s “super moons” was this past Saturday, it was beautiful. I really wanted to photograph it in its glory...but my camera and I guess fate decided it wasn’t to be. Several of us tried. I think the main problem was not our camera settings, but none of us had the correct telephoto lens to really get the moon properly. However...I did not come out of this experience empty handed, or in my case empty of enlightenment. I did have an inspirational thought~ seeing and creating gardens to be enjoyed in the moonlight. Moon gardens.

When the day begins to rest and the ever-lengthening shadows begin to create a natural symphony of overlapping sensations that invigorate the body and gladden the soul, the sun sets. The vivid colors of most flowers and leaves fade, becoming a dull grey, but moon gardens provide us with a space to appreciate Mother Nature's bounty long after the light of day has retreated. Designed to be enjoyed from dusk until the coming of the darkness, these gardens serve as a perfect complement to silvery moonlight, mild summer nights, and the spirit of rejuvenation.

moon, photographed by Steve in our CA, Hollow Oak, garden
Most plant life worships the sun, but a select few shrubs and flowers come into their own in luna's glow. The silvery leaves of lamb's ears and artemisia reflect the radiance of the moon, while the bright-white flowers adorning yucca and evening primrose seem to shimmer brilliantly in dusk's gloom. The new growth of our blue spruce glow in the evening hours if evening lights shine on them a certain way. Certain blossoms such as the moonflower and four o'clocks open only at night, releasing their sweet fragrances in spectacular displays of scent and beauty. While creating a moon garden, remember to take each human sense into account. We appreciate the ghostly beauty of nighttime nature best when we can sit comfortably until our eyes have adjusted to the surrounding darkness. Aspen trees, bamboo, and thick grasses make a comforting sound when bandied about by gentle nighttime breezes.
Transforming a portion of your existing yard or patio into a moon garden is simple, and the pleasure you will derive from your nighttime retreat will become worth it once you start to enjoy it. Green spaces come alive at night when nocturnal blossoms release their perfume into the air and ethereally lovely and luminous foliage dances in the breeze. In a moon garden, relaxation is a simple matter of attuning yourself to the stillness of evening and seeing, for the first time, the myriad shades of beauty that can be found in the darkness. 

here's a book I found that might be of interest if you are thinking about creating a Moon Garden or Twilight Garden.

The Twilight Garden: Creating a Garden That Entrances by Day and Comes Alive at Night ~ Lia Leendertz

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