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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

healthy living ~ 5 lifesaving items


These are simple items, ones that I really don’t have to explain to much about because you most likely already know all about the their health benefits.... however, since I came across this listing recently, I decided it was a great opportunity to remind everyone, as I also need fairly regularly.

1) Apples – Apples are the base for an amazing healing agent. They can be turned into so many different things, one of which being apple cider vinegar.

This drink is so magical, we wrote a few different articles on it’s variety of uses. A raw apple can help with allergies, liver cancer, hair loss, and a few different infections! Eating an apple a day truly does keep the doctor away.

 2) Sunlight – Sunlight is so important for us. It’s the light that keeps everything going – without it, this planet would not survive. It possesses energy which stores it’s own information in it! As we absorb sunlight, we soak up the energy and it literally acts as a kind of food for us. It’s like we are all walking solar panels.

Not only does the sun produce vitamin D, but it regulates over 2,000 of our bodies genes! Although too much sun can result in some unwanted problems, the exposure to sunlight can still help with certain cancers. It’s also known to greatly help mental illnesses like depression.

3) Honey – This is only counting pure, organic honey. Bee’s produce a wide range of healing materials that can be used for an assortment of things. From bee venom, royal jelly, beeswax and bee pollen, these little bugs produce a lot for our world.

It’s not just sweet tasting but is used for Aspirin-Induced Gastrointestinal Toxicity; as honey coats your stomach lining. It’s also good for infections, burns, dermatitis and so much more!

4) Turmeric - One of the most importantly powerful herbs, Turmeric is nick named ‘The Golden Goddess” for good reason. Used in ancient Indian healing traditions, the healing properties of this herb are able to shrink down the tumors of certain cancers including Colorectal, Breast and Colon cancer! It also repairs our DNA, soothes inflammation and literally relieves stress.

Turmeric has documented to have over a staggering 500 different usages in preventing diseases! It’s truly one of a kind and we must treat it as the medicine it is.

5) Garlic –Ah yes, the universal infection fighter. Garlic has been used for centuries with the knowledge of it’s true healing properties. Eating these raw is no treat, but the health properties garlic holds is astounding.

This spice has an amazing amount of beneficial properties, over a few hundred of them! Garlic’s power is so immense that it’s able to kill some cases of tuberculosis. An article was published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal that shows the garlic was able to inhibit multiple tuberculosis strains that were resistant to other drugs.
When we can combine different mixtures of holistic ingredients and regulate our bodies properly with them, then we can live at our optimal health!

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