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Thursday, April 9, 2015

thursday's garden ~ Mr and Mrs Oriole

this past couple of weeks I have had some time to work out in the garden. If you remember I got rid of our “mow ‘n blow” guys, bought a reel mower, electric hedge trimmer and weed whacker. 

it is all working out fantastic, I spend a couple of hours a week and whalla my garden and yard are doing better than ever. and I am using the extra cash (that use to go to the MnB guys) for things for the critters that are coming by all the time.

I recently notice a couple of Hooded Orioles trying to get at the nectar in the hummingbird feeders and found out they live off nectar from flowers, eat bugs, but do not eat seeds. Wow, didn’t know that, so I went out and bought an Oriole feeder; looks just like a hummingbird feeder, except the holes are bigger, the side rails stronger to hold their weight, and the top has little wells to put jelly- blueberry is their favorite and blackberry has gone over rather well too. It is orange, which is the color that attracts them, they love oranges. Actually I have tried several fruits- favorites: watermelon, strawberries, and cantaloupe.

although it has taken me a week to get some photographs...they are very-very shy, I finally got a couple shots of Mr O and Mrs O as they have been named.

Mrs O - and yes she is more yellow, grey and much softer
coloring than we find on the males. for a while I tought she
was a totally different bird. she always waits on the
fence while he eats- being the lookout then they switch.
This is Mr O - looking rather proud for my camera.
His love for the blueberry jelly is almost an
addiction. they use the exact same nectar that I put
in the hummingbird's feeder. I don't use coloring.


-here is my favorite "in the garden" picture for this week- 
I was outside working in the yard and hadn't filled the seed plates and feeders yet; I was waiting until I finished my chores. I heard some chattering noises and when I looked up, there were two doves glaring at me-looking rather miffed that there was no seed. even a little sparrow was waiting, but a bit more patiently. for once, I had my camera nearby. and yes they got their seeds pronto.

may your gardens always be filled with nature's music

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