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Thursday, April 16, 2015

thursdays garden ~ awesome raised garden idea

just doing a quick pop-in this week. yesterday, set aside for playing in my garden, was so windy, that I actually had to stay inside and attend to some not so fun chores. 

I did run across this photo of a planting area/raised garden that I just fell in love with- what a cool idea. This kit is from a really cool site. It cost about $1000. but I bet pretty much anyone could build it yourself, there are some diagrams of the plans, link to product is under the picture. they also have other really fun stuff, poke around... who knows what you will find.

Cedar Complete Raised Garden Bed Kit - 8' x 8' x 20" link

also... gotta share this fun news from the garden- with the new fruit and nectar feeders I am beginning to acquire new guests. 

A female "black hooded grosbeak." I first noticed her in the bird bath chit-chatting with the female oriole- sorry for the rough picture, did not have time to get the big camera.  it took me a while to figure out just who she was. Mrs O is on the left and the grosbeak, Miss P (piggy)- she likes to eat- on the right, is fluffed up and very wet. below is a better picture of her markings. she has a little cap much like my favorite white chested sparrows. however, she is yellow, grey and white and is a large bird- six to eight inches beak to tail tip, and as you can see, has a thick and short beak.

I am fast becoming addicted to looking for new birds in our garden and can relate to those addicted to bird watching. lol 

have a great week- 
and always help nature heal the earth

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