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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

healthy living ~no gym or fancy equipment needed

Revising old Work Out Ideas without the need for a gym

Although our goal for those "lose belly fat" challengers is to lose our tummies, we need to think of the rest of us as well. "Oh, no now I have to add time to my already filled exercise schedule?" you sigh. Nope, not true. You can get in that extra time throughout your normal day. Here are some simple activities, okay let's call them exercises that you already know. If not, here are some ideas to start getting more physical activity while doing the things you already do! Getting started is easy--and requires no gym or fancy equipment. Using your body weight and a few simple household objects as exercise equipment, you can seamlessly slot short bursts of physical activity into your routine as you clean, put away those canned goods you just purchased, getting ready to cook, etc.

Here are 5 of my favorites-

Heel Raises While Brushing Your Teeth
While brushing your teeth (or washing your hands, or rinsing dishes, or doing any other sink or counter activity), raise your heels. Rest one hand on the sink or counter for balance, if necessary. This exercise increases lower-leg and ankle strength. Do 10-15 repetitions.
Tip: This exercise will strengthen your calves and exercise your feet and ankle joints. This is an important movement pattern, especially for people with lower-body edema (swelling) and weak ankle joints. The muscles act as pumps to increase circulation, which can help decrease swelling.

you can do these next movements with just about anything you have available, books, small boxes, cans,  it's simple to find something to make these work. At work I use patient's charts and...shhhh, IV bags work get...LOL!

Bending Squats picking up items
You likely bend dozens of times a day reaching for things on the ground. Turn those bends into squats, which strengthen leg muscles and reduce the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis. When you squat down, keep your upper body straight with the majority of your weight on your heels. When returning to standing position, flex from the knees. Repeat the squat five times; squat several times daily.

Tricep Kick-Backs with Cans
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your torso forward slightly, flexing your knees. Hold the cans, palms facing inward, and extend your arms. Raise your arms behind you as far as is comfortable; keep your elbows soft, but do not bend them. Do 15-20 repetitions.
Tip: After doing a few arm movements with cans, make sure you gently rotate your wrists to keep them loose and comfortable.

Overhead Press with Cans
A: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Holding the cans DiabeticLivingonline.comwith palms facing forward, bend arms at the elbows until the cans are in line with your shoulders about ear-level.
B: Push the cans above your head, then return your arms to starting position. Do 15-20 repetitions.
Tip: Doing a few arm-and-shoulder exercises in quick progression can improve your arm tone in a matter of days.

Shoulder Raises with Cans
Canned foods can be used as inexpensive hand weights.
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a can in each hand with arms at your sides. Raise arms to shoulder height with palms facing forward. Lower arms back to starting position at your sides. Do 15-20 repetitions.

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