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Thursday, February 12, 2015

thursday's garden~ hodgepodge of pics

okay-dokay, the plan for me yesterday was to get out in the garden and do a little winter-to-spring work. Maybe even finally get to use my new reel mower; but Mother Nature had other ideas... like producing such a windy day that even the birds stayed safe in their nests and didn’t come and get what seed wasn't blown away- ha! So, I decided to share a few photos I have taken over the last couple of weeks. Then, today, if all goes well I can complete my garden to-dos. 

 "Blue" my young resident jay, from last year's nesting of JJ and Screech. He comes very close to me when I am filling his bowl with peanut suet pellets, peanuts, and sunflower seeds. He is still a bachelor but I hope he will soon find a lady friend.

one of my beautiful morning doves. I place their seeds in a small dish inside this hanger to prevent Mrs.Squirrel from eating it all before they can enjoy. When a squirrel is near, one of the doves will sit inside of the bowl as if guarding. And, Mrs Squirrel or Mikey do not bother any of the hanging dishes of food.

I love these little capped sparrows, they are fun and usually spend a lot of time on the ground scratching for bugs. I looks like this little one is spying on something below as he sits on one of the feed dishes...

  wonder what he is so interested in...

...oh-oh... it's a Samantha-Kitty. Sometimes she'll sit out there out there by the squirrel box, waiting for them to come by, but she just doesn't get it--- "they not be come'n if'n ya be sit'n right at their peanut box." ha! 

after a while she gets board and explores the garden a little then goes to her "hiding place" under the chair where she can watch everyone clandestinely. She has learned if she just sits quietly she can watch all their activities. (just a note: she is never out there without Steve or I sitting on the porch with her-so all are safe)

she had found a new place to sit and watch for critters. with the weather warming we are getting lots of baby lizards running around in the rock garden area. I am sure she hasn't seen a lizard before and this excites her to no end.

then, eventually she just plops down, rolls around on the patio and takes a short sun-nap enjoying her new furever home. sure has to beat that 2x2 cage.

yep it's a wild garden...

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