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Thursday, February 5, 2015

thrusday's news ~ new arrivals in Colorado

Saddle Mountain Paints’ new babies are arriving. Here is an email I received from Eileen yesterday along with pictures of the two new fillies.
At last we have two babies.  Zilla was first and baby Willow is just gorgeous. A little fire cracker but we are so happy with her. Followed by Peanut, Whispers baby who was 16 days late just wore us out waiting. Of course after being there every minute, she had Peanut by herself when Jim and I were changing shifts...that’s the second time she’s done that. Willow is the paint and Peanuts will be a QH as no spot but she is darling.

Next to foal is Vickie, due March 20th so thank goodness we have a good recovery time

 BTW: I know Eileen named Willow that because of our ranch Aspen Willow. And I have been wanting one of their babies to be named Willow. She is going to be beautiful. Zilla, her mama, stayed at our ranch this summer while carrying her little bundle.

meet Willow- she is beautiful- a true Paint.
the perfect namesake for our ranch Aspen Willow
meet Peanut- she is adorable, look at those
long legs, she will be a terrific quarter-horse jumper
maybe even win a championship race or two.

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