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but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out & proclaiming “Wow, What a Ride!”

Monday, December 15, 2014

the perfect gift

This time of the year is a time of giving and receiving; however, for many it is a time of stress, frustrations and even embarrassment. I have a friend who hates this time of year just because of these matters. She feels frustrated she can’t find the perfect gift or embarrassed if someone else’s gift is better than the one she gave. Or, her worst fear, receiving a gift and hadn’t planned to give one in return.

Giving and receiving are part of the same cycle, and we each give and receive in our own ways. But we can lose our balance when we try to be too controlling on either side of the cycle. On the receiving end, we may feel that we don’t deserve the effort made if what we gave was easy for us to give. But perhaps there is a different lesson there for us. We may be receiving not only gratitude, but a chance to see the world through the eyes of another. We may be learning that just because we gave easily, it doesn’t diminish its value. Or perhaps the universe is giving us an example to hold close to our hearts, to encourage us on some future day when our own generous act of giving is not met with a visible act of receiving. When we can allow ourselves to receive as well as give, we do our part to keep the channels of abundance open for ourselves and others.

Sometimes we may find ourselves struggling to respond to others’ gifts in the same ways—like responding to an expensive present with something equally expensive, or feeling like we have to throw a dinner party for someone who has thrown one for us. But when these are done out of a sense of obligation, their energy changes from something that shares to something that drains. If this sounds familiar, we can decide next time to allow ourselves to receive with arms, minds and hearts open and simply say thank you.

Accepting a person’s gift is a gift in itself. Sincere appreciation for their acknowledgement and their effort joins our energy with theirs in the cycle of giving and receiving, and nurtures all involved. If ever we find we are still having difficulty, we can decide to allow ourselves to be conduits for gratitude and accept on behalf of a loving, giving universe.

My idea of the perfect gift to give and receive: it costs nothing, it is always at hand, it never runs out, and one size fits all.

a simple Hug and
 “Thank you for being in my life.” 


  1. Love it...I call it the gift of giving. When someone is hesitant to accept my offer of help, I ask them "How do you feel when you help others and receive only a sincere thank you in return?". Of course they say "wonderful", so I reply "Please allow me the same opportunity to feel wonderful for doing something for you". Works like a charm.

    1. sending love and hugs to a dear friend who I thank for crossing my path and enriching my soul. have a wonderful Christmas celebration. OOOOXXXOOO to you and your family.