Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body,
but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out & proclaiming “Wow, What a Ride!”

Friday, October 29, 2010

Why Talking to Yourself Might be The Highest Form of Intelligence

Have you ever found yourself asking someone a question you’ve been puzzling over for a long time, only to come up with the answer half way through asking the question?

At its core, when you ask someone something you consciously articulate it. You explain it and frame the issue for the person. Most importantly however, you explain it and (re)frame it for yourself. You give direction to your other-than-conscious very clearly. Now you may question why actually articulating something gives any different result to just sitting there unspeakingly struggling with the question.

Two things- First, in giving words to (or writing onto paper) an issue and adding the clarity and clarifications required to make something understandable to someone else has the same impact on your other-than-conscious. You may think that you’re being clear about an issue in your head, but you rarely are. You’re more likely to be half articulating the issue and then immediately looping into the same consciously derived result you keep on getting which is failing to remove the problem or blocker.

And this is the second point. By talking to yourself (again, words or paper is good – words may be better because of how unusual you may experience the sensation), your conscious brain gives a clear set of instructions to your other-than-conscious brain. You ask yourself the question and often answer it very quickly yourself because the totality of your resources (conscious and unconscious) is now engaged to a common endeavour (and in most cases, you knew the answer to the problem: it just needed unlocking by you being clear with yourself)]

 Brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor takes the essence of this a big step further in her book, My Stroke of Insight, when she says ‘From my perspective, the focused human mind is the most powerful instrument in the universe, and through the use of language, our left brain is capable of directing (or impeding) our physical healing and recovery

So, the next time you are talking to yourself, someone overhears and asks if you are talking to yourself, just say:      “No I was talking to a higher intelligence.” 

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Monday, October 25, 2010

October's 10 Thoughts on Whole Living

1. Technology isn’t the enemy: It’s the tool. Let it bring you closer not drive you apart.
2. You don’t heal from loss in an instant, but breath by breath, step by step.
3. The best place meditation can take you is here and now.
4. Write a letter by hand. It’s a gift to the recipient—and to yourself.
5. Think of food not as calories but as energy. You can only put out what you take in.
6. If you're in pain, trust that there’s a healthy way to find relief.
7. Try seeing exercise as freedom, as opposed to obligation
8. The secret to getting unstuck might be locked in a dream. LOOK FOR THE KEY
9. Feed your creativity: Expose yourself to more beauty, more art, more excellence.
10. Everybody has a story, ask the people you love to share theirs.

10 Thoughts on Whole Living,
 from the November issue of Whole Living Magazine; a Martha Stewart publication.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

political rambling

   Just a couple political ramblings that I need to get off my chest, good as place as any I believe. With the upcoming elections, the first thing I think of is how I cringe every time my phone rings. I am not a phone talker to begin with; add having to talk to someone just to tell them they shouldn’t be calling me is an egregious event.
   A couple of times I have picked up the phone, not relying on the recorder to kick in and had a live body on the other side. After I get them to shut up their diarrhea of the vocal cords, I have told them that:
   “This number is private and does not accept unauthorized calls. And you are unauthorized, I did not give you my number. Please put it in your records not to call me again or I will make sure that I vote for whatever the opposite candidate/measure/etc. that you are representing on my ballot regardless of what I would have done intelligently.”  Not that I would, but do they know that?
    Guess what? The live person calls have nearly stopped, especially from my local Party.  Nevertheless, the recorded stuff continues to bombard my ears.
  • Is there anyone out there that likes these calls?
  • Am I to tolerate having to listen to my phone ringing day and night?
  • Is it fair that I have to consider turning off my ringer so I do not have to listen?
  • What if I miss an extremely important call?
  • Who is responsible for the outcome or consequence of the missed call? 
Inquiring minds needs to know… Stop, stop, stop! How do we do that, any suggestions?

  The other matter I would like to rant about is this “raising the age of social security.” I think not!! Raise it for those who are beginning to work now. Not those who years ago started working, paying into SS, and did it with the understanding that by a certain age they would be able to get that back. Okay, Government, we had a contract: I pay into your fund, and I may start collecting it back by the age of XX, if I want it earlier, I take a lesser amount. Now, if the Government says I can’t, because we mismanaged your money, have it when I was promised, isn’t that a breach of contract by the Government? Boy would I love to be a Contract Attorney right now. I think I might just be angry enough to spend my life savings on trying to sue if they raise the Social Security age.
Okay I feel better, thanks for listening.
AND… if you have any comments I would live to hear them. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall into the Holidays

As I was looking at Journey this morning wondering what I could post, the rain is drizzling outside, leaves turning colors, reminding me it is fall; I am also reminded about the upcoming holiday season.

Yes, the holiday season…she shivers. 

October- Halloween. I remember Halloween when I was younger, many years ago. It was fun to dress up in costumes, laugh with your friends, and have a parade. In the small town where I grew the Saturday before Halloween all the kids would gather and march down our main street in their costumes, ending at the local (and only) school and have a small party with a contest on the best costumes. My mother, an artist and avid seamstress, would design and make some of the most wonderful costumes I could have ever hoped for. One of my favorites was a little skunk, uncomfortable displaying a huge and beautiful tail. I never won any of the contests because the judges always felt my costumes were professionally made, and they in a sense were; by my professional artist mother, and that didn’t matter, it was fun.
      What happened to those days? Things became dangerous, even going out and gathering the “treats” a parent has to be so careful because of all the LOONS out there, and there are a lot! We use to see tons of kids running around on the street, now they gather in their private places and party with those they know and feel safe. What a shame.  Many of my friends have heard this… “I am so glad to be in the last half of my life and not young and growing in this society.”

November - Thanksgiving: a time when families gather, a time to remember why you didn’t like being around half your relatives, a time to make peace with many of those unliked & unacknowledged members of your particular gene pool. On the other hand, it is a simple time when you gather with your immediate family and friends to be thankful for another year. There is always something to be thankful for, always! It is a wise person who can find the petunia in the onion patch. I like thanksgiving because I really like Turkey! Next to duck, it is my favorite, the thighs in particular. I have an excellent cranberry recipe that I will put on the meals page a little closer to “T-day”. It is simple and delicious.

December - Christmas: The biggest problem with Christmas is how it has gone from celebrating someone special to being commercial, material, and gruesome.  I do not shop for gifts, put myself in debt buying “stuff” people do not need. I have been in stores, out of necessity, during this Thanksgiving to Christmas battle and heard people complaining about having to shop, buy things, how much this and that…not at all enjoying themselves. I usually look at them and say “then why?” they look back at me as if I just asked the most stupid question ever. The true spirit of Christmas, I think, is a thing of the past, and more importantly, I believe that most have forgotten the true reason for the celebration of this particular day. . . and that it is NOT all about them.

January – New Years: Oh, this is the holiday Steve and I celebrate, and our only tradition. Not so much the “new years” stay up all night waiting for the clock to turn. In truth we usually go to bed early, sleep through to morning, unless a neighbor is willing to make a ruckus to remind us, which we usually fall right back into our dreams. Our celebration starts a couple of days before Jan.1 when we begin to prepare our traditional meal. Beef Willington with a sauce Madera, gingered carrots, Caesar salad, and best, Steve’s famous Crème Brullie.  The meal has changed very little over the years, we do change this or that to make it more challenging. Challenging?  you ask. Yep, you see the main part of this meal is that not only is it scrumptious, but also acts as our harbinger for the upcoming year. How well our meal turns out, denotes how good the year ahead will be for us.  The pastry shell decorations of the Wellington, I put symbols for things we are concentrating on for the year. Such as, a dollar sign for prosperity, as well, I put a symbol that represents either Steve or myself. (mainly to distinguish whose is whose) So, when it gets too easy, we add a challenge to the meal.

and thus our new year begins…

[Disclaimer: I have not mentioned Holiday Sports because I boycott everything to do with professional sports until…the players make a decent wage! ]

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Have you heard of Zwaggle?

Zwaggle is a FREE social marketplace for parents to share their kids’ used gear with other parents. You earn points (we call them Zoints) for the items you share with another Zwaggle family and then use those Zoints to get something you need!
Check out "On Being Green" page for more information. Great idea!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lily and Hope, still treking

Remember Lily & Hope? Well, after a 6 week separation in June they have been running all over the woods, Hope learning how to be a big bear. They are in the process of finding a new den for the winter. News Flash... Lily may have gotten pregnant again during her separation from Hope. It is not unheard of, but unusual, and this will give the research team an unprecedented view of what goes on in the den in these cases. Everyone is praying they den in an area where we can get a live webcam going. 
Lily & Hope in June just before the 6 week separation 
April, just after leaving their winter den.
October-- Look how much Hope has grown
mama, mama wake up, Dr Lynn is here and he has some nuts!
 For a more pictures, story, and videos of these two miraculous bears go to 
or checkout Lily's Facebook page.  Lily's Facebook page    ( fyi: 114,360 fans)

Monday, October 4, 2010


I love drizzling days
I love the fresh fragrance of clean air.
I love the muted sun, a moment of tranquility
I love hearing the plants sigh with pleasure at the moisture.
I love the quiet pitter-patter of the droplets, one of nature’s songs.
I love seeing the birds playing in the puddles in the garden.
I love the vibrant colors of dampened foliage
I love the coolness against my cheeks
I love to be in the rain