Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body,
but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out & proclaiming “Wow, What a Ride!”

Monday, July 19, 2010

Twisted reality and bad girls

Every day I wake up and think, “Today the world will get it. Will get the message as to why we are here. Find the meaning of our souls.” Then, I hear a tidbit on the news, see something happen, or have some discourteous, inconsiderate soul trip up my vision of a perfect society.
Today… I got wind of a piece of news. Sara Palin (don’t even get me started on the atrocities of that woman and her worth to life)
 Sorry, I was going to talk about her daughter… a young teen that got pregnant, like a hundred thousand teens world wide. What is so special about her…? her mother?
The news? Besides the fact that she gets pain $30,000.00 just to talk to other teens about what it is like having a baby; as if she really knows “what it truly is like…being sheltered by her mother and… getting paid huge amounts of cash that support this child.” How about letting her try to survive on her own, penniless, working, getting only welfare checks & food stamps and having to quit school because she cannot find someone to care for the child. NOW THAT IS REALITY. Oh, yes, speaking of reality. Bristol and Levy, are now going to get married and have a “reality” show about what it is like being young and having a child.
Let’s get real people!!!
There is not one person I talk to that finds this original, worthy, or even merits the $$$$ these two will get. Moreover, I dare anyone to prove to me that these Reality Shows are truly real and those people on them just go about their days as if no cameras or anyone is watching.  NOT!
What I see in Sara Palin’s daughter, Bristol, is an all time “bad” influence on our society’s up and coming teens. She is no role model!  She should be shunned, not for accidentally getting pregnant, but for making a personal profit from it.
Shame on your Sara Palin for allowing that to happen as well.
In this world today you get paid to be shocking, a nuisance on society, breaking the law… look at Lindsey Lohan.
For getting drunk, getting a DUI, not going to her court order rehab, not showing up at her court date, and…(pending) her 30 days in jail.
for all that… this poor soul very well may get paid One Million Dollars for her first interview when she gets out of jail.

my constitutionally protected opinion:
“if we didn’t have so many everyday morons that would watch these shows or read these books and magazines, we would not have this issue.”

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Ten Emotions of Power

I feel that a truly powerful person is not one who can overtake, command, or control others. It is someone who has control over themselves...and their emotions. Someone who displays and uses the "Emotions of Power" to accomplish what is needed.

1.   Love and Warmth
2.   Appreciation and Gratitude
3.   Curiosity
4.   Excitement and Passion
5.   Determination
6.   Flexibility 
7.   Confidence
8.   Cheerfulness 
9.   Vitality
10.  Contribution

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

A must see video for animal lovers

As anyone seeing my site may have realized I have a tremendous love for animals, especially wildlife. And then top that with my love for baby animals and you will understand why my heart was stolen by this video of a mother elk and her two calves. it is about 4 mins, has a nice song attached (not blasting). I hope all who check this out will enjoy it as much as I have.